We Are One Love

Growth and change are inseparable, inevitable, and necessary on any true spiritual path. We are drawn together and pulled apart, all the time we are ever One. It has been a deep honor to hold space for you and your practice. We will continue to do so each in our own way. We offer a deep bow to you, our students and friends and hope you stay on the sacred path with us as we continue to expand and evolve into a higher love.


Connie Beaudoin RYT

Connieís teachings and offerings draw from practices of many paths and traditions, which support knowing a life of peace, joy, truth, and fulfillment. Connie offers an integrated experience in yoga and wellness, which is both powerful and simple, in service to your own wakefulness. She teaches yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices privately, as well as workshops and retreats locally and internationally. While taking a sabbatical from holding a physical space, Connie welcomes all opportunities to share these sacred teachings of our Oneness.



Sarah Navarre Dixon BS Early Childhood Elementary Education - RYT

Sarah was called to teach as a way to serve her community. She merges eastern and western philosophies as a gateway into self discovery and consciousness through mind, body and spirit union. She mindfully marries each practice to be a calm, inviting experience. Sarah teaches yoga, meditation, pranayama, chair yoga, kids yoga to individuals and to groups. Sarah is devoted to sharing the transformative power of yoga.




LeAnn Hertz
LeAnn is very passionate about empowering people about safe, effective & natural solutions. Her focus is about creating conscious connections with individuals that are looking for better ways to support their mind, body & spirit. She offers the Aromatouch technique which is a clinical approach to essential oil application. This Technique has been shown to help enhance systemic benefits and increase feelings of overall health and well-being; targeting stress management, Immune Support, Inflammation and homeostasis. LeAnn will be embarking on a exciting adventure next spring with a few other conscious creators. They will be sharing natural solutions to people in communities from Florida to California and any where in between. Empowering and teaching people how to take their health and happiness back in to their own hands again. LeAnn is available for appointments for individuals, couples, and events.






Bob Hiemstra
Bob took his first yoga class in 1998. It was given in a friendís backyard in the shade of a large oak tree. He didnít have a mat, beach towels were spread out on the grass. That began the journey that has led to this moment. Bob is incredibly grateful to his many teachers, Cindi Lee, Sharon Gannon, David Life and all of the wonderful teachers at the Jivamukti Yoga School. He completed his 200 hour teacher training in 2014, studying extensively with James Kigar, Judy Weaver, and Tammy Heckman at Yoga South. His classes blissfully align breath with movement. They are focused, flowing, and fun. Bob sets his classes to an eclectic soundtrack and encourages his students to make the practice their own. He finds what we encounter on our mat is a mirror to how we approach what we encounter throughout our lives. Bob is available for group and private yoga instruction.



Tracy Hritz MS, RD, RYT

Tracy has been guiding people to healing and ultimate wellness for over 20 years. She is a licensed and registered dietitian with a Masters in Human Nutrition, and holds multiple certificates in alternative and complementary medicine from the world-renowned institutions including Hippocrates Health Institute, American Institute of Cancer Research and The Institute of Functional Medicine.

Tracy believes that wellness can only be created through program and practice that nourishes and balances the physical, mental and emotional aspects of ones being. She has a long time love for music and meditation and in 1999 she trained with Contemplative Outreach to be a meditation facilitator, and more recently studied kirtan with David Newman and Russell Paul. She is a registered Kirpalu yoga teacher and incorporates meditation, mantra and kirtan into her classes.

Services include metabolic, genetic and hormonal testing, medical nutrition therapy, guided cleanses and personalized diet and supplement programs. She is available for private counseling, corporate wellness, educational lectures, cooking and juicing demonstrations.




Sara Lerner

Sara Lernerís lifelong interest in the body-mind connection, awareness, and devotion to yoga, led her to a Prem Shakti Kripalu teacher training in 2006. Since then, Saraís love for teaching yoga has evolved into an inspiring environment, inviting students to check into the body, and move into the space created by the breath. Combined with mindfulness meditation, the practice creates an opportunity to deepen physical and emotional ease. The practice of yoga is a practice for life. Sara would like to also thank Connie and Parasutra for nearly 10 years of practice as both student and teacher. Sara is also very excited to be teaching at Sagara Yoga in Palm Beach. The class schedule will be available on line thru labarrestudio.com.

Sara is available for group classes, private instruction, and beach yoga.





Tanja Schmitt
Tanja Schmitt will joyfully continue her path of Yoga by teaching Indian Singing lessons. She has been a student of the renowned Master Ali Akbar Khan for over a dozen years and was a regular student performer at his college. If you are interested in learning this beautiful music which opens and fine-tunes the chakras, please contact her and check for updates when and where classes and workshops will be held. Singing Classes are open to anyone who wants to fill their heart with joy.





Tania Zayat

Tania started her career as a physical and massage therapist. Her discovery to yoga started with her teacher Connie Beaudoin. She received her training at Yoga and Inner Peace affiliated with the Sivananda School. She also studied with The Jivamukti Method of yoga in New York. She understands yoga as being a yoke of an inner and outer world filled with love and peace when rightly aligned. Tania offers Thai massage, Reflexology, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and Craniosacral Therapy 1 from the Epledger Institute International. Tania will complete her training in Therapeutic Thai Massage in September 2015. She offers private yoga instruction and body treatments. Taniaís message is to give interest to her yoga students and therapy clients how to be more tuned to the moment, and the change of what it can bring to one's life and being.




Stay together friends. Don't scatter and sleep. Our friendship is made of being awake.   - Rumi