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Welcome to Parasutra

With deep devotion and love, Parasutra Yoga Studio is dedicated to the recognition of the truth of all beings. Parasutra Yoga Studio is an oasis on the island of Palm Beach. We are delighted to serve a growing community of students in West Palm Beach and the South Florida area. Devotion to the path of yoga is devotion to individual and universal freedom. Yoga asks you to look more and more deeply and subtly into your own experience and come to know a life of delight, wonder and astonishment.

Bringing yoga to life through the ancient practices of yoga asana (movement), meditation (stillness), and pranayama (breathing practice) life becomes a beautiful mystery. Through the practices of yoga and meditation we come to know our true self.

At Parasutra, we present yoga classes, yoga workshops and retreats, and other special events that draw from the wisdom of the time-honored traditions and teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda, Tantra, Buddhism and Mindfulness practices as well as a community of support and services that inspire a life of joy, awe and deep fulfillment.

This is our offering – an open, rich and integrated experience in service to your own dharma (essential calling.) Vinyasa yoga classes are steeped in Ashtanga and Tantric teachings combined with alignment intelligence and breath awareness. Yin practice is a sequencing of long-held poses to enhance chi flow and nourish the organs, set to a backdrop of wise teachings to touch the heart. Meditation practice is an open investigation of the true nature of consciousness, utilizing practical and powerful techniques as a means to true peace.

Our yoga teachers draw from the beautiful and varied teachings of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Tantra, Yin Yoga, Insight Yoga, Zen and Buddhist teachings. Our yoga teachers are a group of skilled and caring yogis offering you the perfect space to begin or deepen your own path of discovery.

Begin now. Open to the Mystery.

May all beings be free.

May the universe know true peace.

Om Shanti.

Parasutra®   234 South County Road, Palm Beach, FL. 33480

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